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Samael - Baphomet's Throne

Длина: 03:30
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Each blaspemy is another stone to the edifice of your glory
I want to be the rock on which you'll build your church

Am I the son you've been waiting for?
Am I the chosen one?
To be your messiah on earth
And to sit at your left in hell
I've always ignored the doubt
Answers are in the questions

Show me the way to the Baphomet's throne...

Guide my hand, light my path
My mouth will speak with your words,
I'll make statements with your orders
I'll be the supreme insult
Which will forevermore soil the image of god
I'll be your revenge, I'll be your victory
Guide my hand, light my path

Show me the way,
To reach one day the Baphomet's throne...

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