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Nana - You

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You lyrics

Ooooh, yeah, Mama I miss you

You, you are the one, the one in my life
Whitout your smile I wouldn´t survive
You are the one, the one that I need
Mother, I´m still talking in my sleep

Back in ´87, the year you passed away 1998 and I can still feel the pain
That´s nature it gives and it takes
Lord rescue me forgive me for my mistakes You are the one the one that I
adore Tu eres mi madre y mi
amore I look at me all I see is you Thanks for the education and the rules
I can see you suffer every day
every night Four kids aside no man that ain´t right Never saw you cry too
tough too high Your level we
can reach the sky Everything you said is still in my mind Everything you
did was bright like the sunshine
- Everywhere I go you and the Lord protect me Mama I miss you, Can you hear

Chorus x 1

You are the one in my life, you´re the one in my life
You are the one in my life, you´re the one in my life

I wanna thank you thank you for the birth The pain you went through I´ve made
it was worth Thank you let
me say this one more time It comes from my heart and your love was genuine
I was taught how to use
a fork and knife at table Taught how to read the bible to be stable Taught
to shae and help my fellow man
Taught to preach peace from land to land I used to watch you the way you set
things straight All by yourself
no delaying no debate Never late always shining like a star You had your
family and we knew who you are
I miss you I miss you everyday I miss you, how far are you away? I miss you
keep showing me the way I
miss you see you later mama some day

Chorus x 1

You are the one in my life, talking in my sleep
You are the one in my life, yeah

Chorus x 1

You are the one in my life, mother, mother, I miss you
You are the one in my life, talking in my sleep

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