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MLP - 5 ночей с пинки

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Ding Dong
I know you can hear me
Open up the door
I only want to play a little

Ding Dong
You cant keep me waiting
Its already too late
For you to try and run away

I see you through the window
Our eyes are locked together
I can sense your horror
Though Id like to see it closer

Ding Dong
Here I come to find you
Hurry up and run
Lets play a little game and have fun

Ding Dong
Where is it youve gone to?
Do you think youve won?
Our game of hide and seek has just begun

I hear your footsteps
Thumping loudly through the hallways
I can hear your sharp breaths
Youre not very good at hiding

Just wait, you cant hide from me (Im coming)
Just wait, you cant hide from me (Im coming)
Just wait, you cant hide from me (Im coming)
Just wait, you cant hide from me

Knock Knock
I am at your door now
I am coming in
No need for me to ask permission

Knock Knock
Im inside your room, now
Where is it youve hid?
Our game of hide and seeks about to end

Im coming closer
Looking underneath your bed but
Youre not there, I wonder
Could you be inside the closet?

Ding Dong
I have found you

Ding Dong
You were hiding here
Now youre it

Ding Dong
Finally found you, dear
Now youre it

Ding Dong
Looks like I have won
Now youre it

Ding Dong
Pay the consequence

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