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Meet the Parkers - Yes, of course, Mrs Howard

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-Yes, of course, Mrs. Howard, I mustnt boast, but it really is a comfort to have such a hardworking boy as Robert.
- You neednt apologie, Mrs. Parker. Its very natural for you to feel proud. Will he go to the University, do you think?
- Well he may or he may not. You see we cant really tell until he takes his scholarship examination.
- Oh, but Im sure hell win a scholarship
- Yes, we hope he will. Hes done well in all his exams up to now. But we darent count on his winning one. If he doesnt win a scholarship he may go a Technical College
- Would he like to do that? Whats he studying now? Is he studying science?
- Yes, and I think hes getting on quite well at it. Hes certainly working very hard. Why this very afternoon although its such a fine day, hes been down at the library, working all the time.
- Hello, Mum. Good afternoon, Mrs. Howard. Its a lovely day, isnt it? Well, the Rovers won, Mum.
- The Rovers, Robert? Why, where have you been?
- At the football match, of course.
- Havent you been at the library?
- No.
- But I thought
- Dont worry, Mrs. Parker. A library is quite the wrong place for a boy on such a fine afternoon.

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