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Mazde - Pitch Black (feat. Lissa)

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So, I won't let go
And leave and go
I got my dose bend box land on
Don't bring me on
I'm rubble on my own
I gotta fix what you did bitch
No, you never wanna know
You never gonna own me
Set free, all the things on me
Catch me
When I'm falling all alone
You're the one that holds me down

[instrumental break]

Don't blame it all on me
I saw what they don't see
He got more people, evil
You kind of wish you'd be
As mystical as me
You just seem so damn feeble
You never gonna feel
What I feel when I see him
Out in the cold, close and please just
Catch me,
When I'm falling all alone
You're the one that holds me down

[instrumental break]

The road ain't gonna hold us back
We once said we would capture that
I guess I am a messed alright
But ain't no pitch black

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