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MandoPony - Just Gold - Acoustic

Длина: 03:27
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Time for the main attraction
The story must be told
Time for a chain reaction
It never gets old
Some bots get satisfaction
Breaking the mold
Some bots are just distractions
Some bots are just gold

I'm not the bad guy
I'm just a bit surprising
It's not worth losing sleep
It's not worth analyzing

There was a time, not
So long ago at all
I was just like you
Can you hear my call?

Now I'm popping in over here, over there
I'll be checking in, but you'll never be aware
In the beginning I kept a keen eye
on the state of affairs with the new guy

Now I got a new gig, Lemme know if ya dig,
Ain't goin' home so I better go big
Just gotta glance at Cam 2B
Then you get a little surprise...

You may say that I'm breaking your mind
In my opinion, you're much too kind...


You did a good job
Watching those little screens
It warms my servos and circuits
To hear some fresh screams

But don't get me wrong
You were very brave
When faced with friendly singing
Animals, you never caved.

I'm finished training
Done explaining
No more facts are left remaining
Now you know the gist of it
You're a perfect fit
I don't wanna hear no more complaining

I'm passing down this golden opportunity
Eternal scrap-yard immunity
Take it with pride,
And enjoy the ride
You'll forever be a part of this community

You may say that it's all in your mind,
But in the end, I think that you will find...

You are the main attraction
Your story must be told
You are a chain reaction
That never gets old
Some bots get satisfaction
Breaking the mold
Some bots are just distractions
Some bots are just gold

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