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Eminem - Wee Wee

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Put it on my wee wee
Banana, strawberry, pineapple, orange

Got a dick as big as a banana
I try to control it, but I can't
it's too tough, it's like an (?) banana
you better watch out, Hannah Montana
man, what's the matter, have you no manners?
no, you know the girl from Juno's address?
yeah, I'ma probably go to jail for that
now I got the cops on my tail for that
run up on your car with a stale banana
in your tail pipe, can't believe you fell for that
coulda been a molotov for that
wait a minute, man, what the hell was that?
I heard a noise, where you goin'?
What are you, bananas?
you can't go back there, stupid ass
I just seen a woman in a Freddy Kruger mask
who the fuck are you, Superman?
all you have is a little stupid can of whipped cream
what the hell you gonna do with that?
I'ma put it on my wee wee
ooh, good answer
super bonanza extravaganza
man, go ahead, what you waitin' for?
you better get them clothes off, baby boy
come on, let's go, we're gonna make a porn
ready, set, go. hit play, record

Put it on my wee wee
Banana, strawberry, pineapple, orange

Are you ready? You better hold the camera steady
she's probably back there with a damn machete
she's probably gonna eat you like canned spaghetti
she's probably gonna kill ya, still wanna check, see?
have a little quick look? go on, (?)
she's probably six foot tall like big foot
the hell with that, we probably should run
don't dare look back
we probably, probably, probably
there probably was a problem at the post office or something
but you probably didn't know that, did ya?
now what ya gonna do when she gets ya?
I ain't goin' with ya, forget ya
quit tryna hold my hand, mista'
pretend she's your little sista', little sista'
might as well take the whipped cream with ya
and when you see her, make sure you get a picture
we could try to make another Blair Witch-a movie
a beastiality porno with smoothies

Put it on my wee wee
Banana, strawberry, pineapple, orange

It's eerie, but here comes Zack and Mary(?)
beauty and the beast, his back is hairy
but she don't care, they're attractive, very
very sexually active, very
no, Zack, don't go back in there
it's too late now, she's grabbin' hair
he screams, "Bloody Mary", grabs a mirror
but stop just ain't in her vocabular
"Get off me, please. Get off me, stop."
(?) at a coffee shop
they go non-stop
she says, "Go"
he says, "No"
she says, "Oh"
back and forth, they scream and shout
yeah, boy, let them demons out
it's the kind of nighare you dream about
uh-oh, now the whipped cream is out
I get sick thoughts, sick, sick, thoughts
things you could do with your lipstick gloss(?)
put it on my dick 'til the tip looks orange
bitch, keep going Bitch, keep going

Put it on my wee wee
Banana, strawberry, pineapple, orange

Banana, banana, banana, banana, banana

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