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Eminem feat Sia - Beatiful Pain

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I can feel the heat rising, everything is on fire
Today is a painful reminder of why
We can only get brighter, the further you put it behind ya
But right now I'm on the inside (Looking out, cause)

[Hook Sia]
Standing in the flames
Its a beautiful kind of pain
Setting fire to yesterday
Find the light, find the light, find the light

[Verse 1]
Yesterday was the tornado warning, today is like the morning after
Your world is torn in half, you wake and let's wait
To start the morning process, rebuilding and you're still a work in progress
Today is a whole new chapter, it's like an enormous asthma
The thunderstorm has passed ya, your weather didn't poke its eye out
With the thorn bush that you used to smell the roses
Stopped to inhale can't even tell your nose is stuffed
So focused on the brightside, then you floor the gas pedal
And hit the corner fast, the more asserted, never looking back
May hit the curb, but everyday is a new learning curve, as you
Steer through life, sometimes you might not wanna swerve
But you have to, to avert a disaster, lucky, no permanent damage
Cause they hurt you so bad, it's like they murdered your ... And threw dirt on your casket, but you've returned from the ashes
And that hurt that you have, you just converted to gasoline
And while you're burning the past, standing at inferno and chant

[Verse 2]
So familiarize with what having to swallow this pill is like
It happens all the time, they take your heart and steal your life
And it's as though you feel you've died cause you've been killed inside
But yet you're still alive which means you will survive
Although today you may weep because you're weak and
Everything seems so bleak and hopeless, the light that you're seeking
It begins to seep in, that's the only thing keeping you
From leaping off the motherfreaking deep end
And I'm pulling for you to push through this feeling
And with a little time that should do the healing, and by tomorrow
You may even feel so good that you're willing to forgive 'em even after
All that ... you been put through this feeling of resilience is building
And the flames are burning quick as fire would through this building
You're sealed in but you're fireproof flame retardant you withstood it
And as you climb up to the roof you're just chillin and you look down
Cause you're so over them you could put the heel of your foot through the ceiling

As time passes, things change everyday
But wounds? Wounds heal, but scars still remaining the same
But tomorrow today's going down in flames
Throw the match at the gassed up place
So feel the fire beneath your feet as you barely even perspire
From the heat, exhale deep and breathe a sigh of relief
And as you say goodbye to the grief, it's like watching the walls melt
In your prison cell but you've extinguished this living ... Still a little piece of you dies, you scream


[Outro Sia]
Feel the burn, watch the smoke as I turn
Rising, a phoenix from the flames
I have learned, from fighting fights
That weren't mine, with wings I will fly

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