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Dub FX - Step On My Trip (Live)

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Confused abused
Ive overused my walking shoes
I never turn back cos i know the score
I never reuse what i do before
But its too late, my fate
I regurgitate all the words that i say
Listen up dont miss the fall
But just pick it up now off the floor
And guess who, yeah you
Youre the ones that Im talking too
Your never going to guess whats coming next
Let your mind inside what i manifest
But inside this rhyme you will find my mind
Just sip my crazy lips and step on my trip

Step on my trip

Ive got, no pecks to flex
All day long i dream about sex
But Im impotent and now Ive seen mi arse
I cant remember when i got it up last
I stink, i need a drink
Role another spliff to help me think
Im living on the road just like a gypsy
Cos staying in one place fucking shits me
Sunshine, moonshine
Change the way that i would read your mind
Living inside this solar flux
Where all trapped in a perpetual paradox
But your here Im near
They way that i flow is all so clear
Just sip my crazy lips and step on my trip

The words in my mind that i see
Flow out of me easily
So easily that my mind is free
To blaze up your mind with my fantasy
Cos when i get on this mic
Im flowing so awfully tight,
So awfully tight that my rhymes are like
The claw of a tiger thats ready to strike
Now when i get on the street
Creating a brand new beat
Feel free to come up and meet me
Dont be shy cos you could never distract me
When negative vibes attack me,
Get into my mind and hack me
I act like nothings happening
Their aint no way to stop me

Step on my trip

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