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Dos-Vi-Dos - Ты мой бог, а я твоя игрушка

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I always trust in you
No matter what you do
No matter what you've been through
No matter what you say to me

No matter what I've seen
No matter where you've been
First time I believed in you
Was when you said you love me too

In you I recognized the one
That instant when we met
My role as Romio is set
Then you're my Juliet

You said "I am your anglel, follow me"
Yeah baby, behind your back I'm always flying
I trust you when you smile, I trust you when you're crying
I trust you if you make me crash to ground
And I am dying

I'll give you my own life, if you ask for it with smile
Because with you in my mind, I'm goin' deaf and blind

[Hook A x2]
A lotta people say that I'm a fool, it's true
Because I only look at you
I never really cared if I'm the only one you love
I love you, and for me that's enough

[Hook B x2]
It's looming small, your turned-back spine
It's fading out, your warming shine
My heart is empty, cold, it's so
Sad as Dos-Vi-Dos sang in Мальвина и Пьеро

I see you high in skies
I flick my wings and fly
I tried, regardless of how hard
Your figure's still so far
I'll give you all, but you
Didn't even call
But still, I'll never betray
Though I knew you will

Now all that I can do
Is to gaze at you
When you're smiling, when you're crying
When you're hanging out with guys
With tears in my eyes
I turn my back at you
Trying to forget, to drop the bane
But all in vain

[Hook A x1]
[Hook B x3]

We're sitting face to face
I'm begging you to stay
However, hey, you said, my dear fried
You should go away
Release my fate, you asked me to do this
However you never imagined how hard for me it is
Then sudden crack, it stroke
The window I was sitting on has broke
I fell into abyss of the night from seventh floor
I saw your face in tears, and then approaching spine
A life was ended at that time, yours, not mine

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