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Deep Within The Void - Treason

Длина: 03:26
Просмотров: 344
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Tellin' the truth or tellin' the lie
The last mistake before you die

Tellin' the truth or tellin' the lie
The last mistake before you die

But will you come to your senses
or come up with new lies?
It depends on you
So look into my eyes

Don't be afraid of me,
I'm not gonna judge you.
Just never try to get close to me,
Get the fucking out of me

I was just too blind to see
How much have you been hiding from me
Two-tongued, deceitful fag
And it's all was my bad
Why were you doing that?
All I want - to know the truth
Right now
I'm glad that you're far enough
It's a pity, i wasn't tough.

Видеоклип Deep Within The Void - Treason

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