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(lyrics by K.Kavaleryan)

Youve been my superstar
But its not what you are
Youve been my superhero
Since Ive lived in your shade
Every step that I made
Brought me nothing but zero

But Im stayin alive
Now Im changin my life
With a burning desire
No one knows who I am
But I dont give a damn
Gonna set you on fire

Shady Lady
Im gonna strike like thunder
Are you ready
I wanna make you wonder
Rollin steady
Im gonna make you shiver
My heart is burning now

Just take a look at me
Deep inside and youll see
All I keep under cover
There is one thing I bet
Youre about to regret
Im no longer your lover

Ive just turned one more page
I belong to the stage
Baby, dont call me baby

I wanna light you up
And leave you alone
I am a brand new star
That youve never known

Видеоклип -๑- Ани Лорак (ЕВРОВИДЕНИЕ-2008) - Shady Lady

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