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Пять ночей с Фредди - Души детей

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Just Sleep
Just Dream

In the back of my mind
I've been trying to chase a monster this whole time
But I couldn't see
The monster was me
And no one heard our cries

Now I've run out of tears
The time has come for me to disappear
Get me out of this mess
And away from this stress
Set me free so I can rest

We're only kids who lost our way
But if we wait long enough
We will be saved
Just sleep
Just dream
This isn't fair
No we're not just what we seem

We want to fly
But our souls are trapped inside
It's not a game
Not to blame
We're forced to hide
Just sleep
Just dream
It's only a NIGHARE
And soon we'll be set free

And I've been crying out for help
I know I bite but I mean well
Can you see my disguise
I'm different inside
Can you break this spell

All the ghosts from before
They're knocking and they're breaking down your door
So please set us free
Now you have the key
Because I can't take the pain
No more

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