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I can't remember
What happened in September
When everything is gone
When it's dark and I'm alone

It's been forever
Since I could have remembered
Where the hell is everypony
I just want to know the story
Of what happened right before
I became so alone.

Still can't remember
What happened in September
Back when everypony died
Trails of blood during my stride

I just discovered that
the ponies were defeated
by something really strong
it seemed very weird and wrong
it just doesn't belong
like it came out of this world.

---Finally, finally its done Its finally done---

---Stop him Hes trying to kill us all Stop him---

---NO No, Im going to save you. Im going to save you all Dont you try to stop me---

I've regained a small memory
Came to my head just like that suddenly
I think I've gotten a clue
Something tells me this is worse than what I knew.

---This is your redemption day everypony Go away from me Stay away from me Go away You get defeated now. See this button here? Im gonna press it---

I just remembered
What happened in September
I'm the one who killed them all
I survived after the fall.

Видеоклип джефф убийца и бен утопленник - September

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